Prince Edward Island or PEI is a province of Canada with no land boundaries. It means that you see water all around the province making sure that you stay here long enough. We are not talking about rescuing you at all but it is the demography of the island which makes it one of the best places to visit.

Tourism on Prince Edward Island

There are chances that if you get to the place for one night you might end up staying four. It is all because of the number of monuments and the hospitality of the locals. The indigenous always welcome the tourists with open arms. There are many interesting facts which are related to PEI and its tourism which also leads us to the fact that this place is spellbound attracting a large number of tourists.

1. The tourism record of 2016

In 2016 about 950,000 people stayed overnight at the PEI hotels and resorts which is the largest overnight stay in the history of Canada. It was well received by the people of Canada and was hugely publicized in all newspapers. The tourism has always been on rising when it comes to PEI and 2016 is an example which was set as a guiding principle for all other Canadian territories. The Canadian province is known for the best facilities and therefore the tourists always plan on staying for a couple of days before moving forward.

2. Here comes 2017

In 2017 the yesteryear’s record was smashed on 8th December 2017. The best part is that this time the margin was huge. About 1 million people stayed overnight at the PEI and this was a straight record for the fourth year. The province is the best and the quietest place to make sure that the best and the most advanced facilities is provided. The Canadian government also lauded the fact that this number has been reached. Special amenities were announced for the business owners and the hotels with the best services.

3. Golf Courses

Golf Courses

Though it is among the smallest provinces of Canada it does not mean that it is short of golf lovers. This small place has 30+ golf courses which mean that even if you are a professional golfer you can visit the island to get the advantage of the golf courses which are established there. The golf courses are well maintained and hence they are regarded as the best in the country. The best part is that the golf is also liked a lot by the locals which mean that these courses are never short of business.

4. Startling number of beaches

Startling number of beachesIf you are a fan of the beach then this island is just for you. It means that you can get the best out of the place which offers a staggering 90 beaches. All these beaches are well maintained which means that the users never have to worry about garbage and disposal as every inch is secured by the authorities. Due to the mild climate of the province, it is the best place for an average tourist. The hotel rates are also low encouraging tourists to stay.

Beautiful photos by Mike Druckenbrod

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