Local Awards in Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island is one of the three Maritime Provinces of Canada which comprises of several smaller islands. Among all the Prince Edward Island is the largest one. Charlottetown is the largest city of the Island and also its capital. It is the 10th largest province by population and a very attractive tourist spot. By GDP the province also ranks 10th in Canada. It is also one of the smallest provinces of the country. The representation of the island is also relatively small and there are 4 Senate and House seats of the province. The education system of Prince Edward Island is such that it fosters the culture and the music of the region. There are many festivals and events from time to time which allow other Canadians and tourists to experience the music of the province. Whatever the festival is it always has a musical theme to promote the culture.

Prince Edward Island Music Awards

Music PEI is the organization behind the awards which are held each year to admire the services of the local musicians and bands of Prince Edward Island. The best part of the awards is that it only promotes the local music. The music event or awards are held at the beginning of each year. The nominees are received from all over Prince Edward Island. Only the local musicians are allowed to enter the award which again fosters the idea of culture promotion. Before the filing the nomination it is advised to look at the eligibility criteria. The applicant should be living long enough in the Prince Edward Island or must be a local resident. There are several categories of the awards and everyone from the province is invited. From vocalists to songwriters the passion for music is all that drives the awards further each year.

Island Literary Awards

It can be regarded as one of the most decorated awards in Prince Edward Island writing community. Only the residents of Prince Edward Island are allowed to file the nominations and the best part of the awards is that it also has a cash prize to buck up the writers of the province. The ILA is the organization which has been working to promote writing throughout Prince Edward Island. The awards are highly regarded by the writers and most of the recipients of such awards have become highly authority publishing writers. For a decade now the Island Literary Award has been established to become one of the best in Canada.

Taste Our Island

Table Culinary Studio of PEI

This is a food-related award which is presented to the best culinary center of Prince Edward Island. The best part of this award is that it is based on votes which are cast by the tourists that wine and dine in the province. Prince Edward Island is known to be one of the best provinces of Canada when it comes to tourism. This award makes sure that the food of the province is promoted as much as possible. In 2017 the Table Culinary Studio of PEI won the award for the best taste.

Tourism on Prince Edward Island: interesting facts

Prince Edward Island or PEI is a province of Canada with no land boundaries. It means that you see water all around the province making sure that you stay here long enough. We are not talking about rescuing you at all but it is the demography of the island which makes it one of the best places to visit. There are chances that if you get to the place for one night you might end up staying four. It is all because of the number of monuments and the hospitality of the locals. The indigenous always welcome the tourists with open arms. There are many interesting facts which are related to PEI and its tourism which also leads us to the fact that this place is spellbound attracting a large number of tourists.

1. The tourism record of 2016

In 2016 about 950,000 people stayed overnight at the PEI hotels and resorts which is the largest overnight stay in the history of Canada. It was well received by the people of Canada and was hugely publicized in all newspapers. The tourism has always been on rising when it comes to PEI and 2016 is an example which was set as a guiding principle for all other Canadian territories. The Canadian province is known for the best facilities and therefore the tourists always plan on staying for a couple of days before moving forward.

2. Here comes 2017

In 2017 the yesteryear’s record was smashed on 8th December 2017. The best part is that this time the margin was huge. About 1 million people stayed overnight at the PEI and this was a straight record for the fourth year. The province is the best and the quietest place to make sure that the best and the most advanced facilities is provided. The Canadian government also lauded the fact that this number has been reached. Special amenities were announced for the business owners and the hotels with the best services.

3. Golf Courses

Though it is among the smallest provinces of Canada it does not mean that it is short of golf lovers. This small place has 30+ golf courses which mean that even if you are a professional golfer you can visit the island to get the advantage of the golf courses which are established there. The golf courses are well maintained and hence they are regarded as the best in the country. The best part is that the golf is also liked a lot by the locals which mean that these courses are never short of business.

4. Startling number of beaches

If you are a fan of the beach then this island is just for you. It means that you can get the best out of the place which offers a staggering 90 beaches. All these beaches are well maintained which means that the users never have to worry about garbage and disposal as every inch is secured by the authorities. Due to the mild climate of the province, it is the best place for an average tourist. The hotel rates are also low encouraging tourists to stay.

PEI: Top 3 places to visit

Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island’s pastoral landscape is the reason it is often called the Garden province of Canada. The capital, Charlottetown, is the largest city located in this least populous province of the country. Charlottetown houses a population of merely 40,000 individuals. That doesn’t come as any surprise as Prince Edward Island itself is home to a small population of 147,390 people.

However, the scenic beauty that is associated with this place is divine. The beaches alone that boast a majestic view of the ocean stretch for 800 kilometers.

Top places you need to visit in Prince Edward

The tourist attractions in the landscape that inspired the Anne of Green Gables are endless. Here is a list of the top 3 places you simply cannot afford to miss!

1. Prince Edward Island National Park

If the main reason you decided to go on an expedition to Prince Edward Island is the lore of ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ the PEI National Park is the place to be. The park that houses most of PEI’s northern coastline also houses the Cavendish Beach. Well, the Cavendish Beach is a significant name as it consists of the ‘Green Gables House’ in its vicinity.

The very brain behind the ‘Anne of Green Gables,’ Lucy Maud Montgomery’s home can also be visited on a trip to PEI National Park.

The Cavendish area is also known for its amusement parks and golf courses.

2. North Cape

Prince Edward Island’s northernmost point is known for the massive wind farm located there. The North Cape lighthouse is yet another attraction that provides for a spectacle to behold.

Furthermore, the rugged scenery that exists along the coastline of North Cape is a blissful reminder of how beautiful nature can be.

The seafood based cuisine of the Blustery Cape is a great reason for food enthusiasts to visit the place.

3. Charlottetown

The rich history embedded in the streets of Charlottetown is a treat for every travel enthusiast. St. Duncan’s Basilica, the Cathedral of the Diocese of Charlottetown is a historical as well as visual treat.

The elegant architecture that decorated the early years of Prince Edward Island’s capital is visible in the form of a building called Beaconsfield Historic House. Its construction dates back to 1877. The elegance of the Victorian era is still intact in this beautiful part of the Prince Edward Island.

Tourists can find a plethora of shops selling souvenirs and restaurants boasting the town’s rich cuisine.

Canada – the country you need to explore

Canada is home to some of the most scenic places you would find on earth. Nearer to the North pole, it is also a great place to go if you are looking for some cruises.

Prince Edward Island might be the smallest province of the ‘Great White North,’ but it is a destination that houses the roots of the country’s history. To sum it up, Prince Edward Island is just as beautiful as Lucy Maud Montgomery describes it to be in his artistic works.

Prince Edward Island: the memorable experiences

Prince Edward Island is a place for the adventurous and the bold.

The great green landscape that displays the hues of the ocean on its coastline offers a ton of fun activities to engage in. Simultaneously, it is a place away from the hustle and bustle of big cities. It is a place where peace can be cherished, and the ‘Anne of Green Gables’ can be read under the gentle shade of a tree.

From the red-soiled beached to the beachside farmhouses, Prince Edward Island is a glimpse of what serenity looks like.

What would you love?

Wondering whether it’s worth paying a visit to Prince Edward?  Here are the most unforgettable experiences that you can take home with you after visiting the Island.

  1. Kayaking: This is the perfect activity to kinder the adventurous spirit inside you. Kayaking along the shores of Prince Edward Island is an experience in which you paddle your way through the enormous stretches of the infinite blue.

Stepping away from the land is a delight in itself. Viewing the rugged mainland of PEI from the viewpoint of the ocean is just something else!

  1. Windsurfing: The intense winds that power the wind farm located in North Cape provide an opportunity for fun as well. Windsurfing conditions in Prince Edward Island take their peak form after the afternoon. There are some access points from where you can leave the contours of the mainland on your surfboard.

  1. Confederation Trail: It has been more than ten years since the confederation trail came into existence. The 274-kilometer distance is a tourist attraction that stays open throughout the whole year. Adventure enthusiasts should be assuaged by the fact that snowmobiles are allowed to enter the trail in the winter season. Nonetheless, the option of cycling the whole distance is viable at all times.

  1. Deep-sea fishing: In a place known for its seafood, it is safe to assume that fishing is not an uncommon activity. In fact, the fishing industry is among the top most contributors to the island’s economy. The Trout River located on the western side of the island is one of the ideal location for deep-sea fishing.

An attempt at catching the Bluefin Tuna can also be made at the Morell River.

  1. Mountain Biking: If the confederation trail didn’t totally satisfy the cyclist inside you, the Brookvale Nordic Center you might want to go take a mountain bike and ride across the 40 kilometers of a single track trail. Another location to ride your mountain bike would be the Gairloch Trail. This loop trail extends over a distance of 7 Kilometres and can also be traversed by hiking enthusiasts.


It’s time to take the vacation you always wanted!

Prince Edward Island is a location that offers something for everyone. Well, whatever you choose to do in PEI, it is certain that there would be at least one authentic experience that you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

A scrumptious tour of Canada’s food island – Prince Edward

The culinary aspect of traveling to Prince Edward Island is perhaps the most enriching experience that Canada’s smallest province has to offer. Foodies from every corner of the world visit PEI to have a taste of the potatoes and seafood prepared there.

In fact, Prince Edward Island is often dubbed as the ‘Food island of Canada’. The food festivals that stretch throughout the year are a result of the high-quality foods that are produced locally.

Yet another moniker that is often associated with Prince Edward Island is that of ‘The Garden of the Gulf’. Yet again, the island’s cuisine is at the forefront of the above-mentioned association.

In a place where good food is available in almost every corner of every street, finding the best restaurants and food joints requires some previously acquired knowledge.

The top foods you need to try out when you’re at Edward!

Well, if your mind’s slate is unaware of the best food experiences available in Prince Edward Island, here is a list of the most popular eatables available there that you must try.

  1. Lobster: In order to have a taste of the Lobster prepared in Prince Edward Island, you need not wait for a specific season. It is available all year round. However, the fishing seasons for this delicacy are numbered. The staple run of lobsters can be enjoyed for two time periods. The first one is from May to June, and the second one spans the months of June, July, and August.

The extent of lobster production in PEI can be estimated by the fact that it amounts to 80% of the world’s total lobster production. Dave’s is most people’s go-to place for getting a bite of this delicacy.

  1. Potatoes: The growth of potatoes has been a part of Prince Edward Island’s culture since the latter part of the 1700s. The tradition of the growth of potatoes is one that has survived all these years and finds a large chunk of the island’s farmers involved in it.

The variety of the potatoes grown most widely in the island are Russets. 330 potato growers spread throughout the mainland have fostered a billion dollar industry that ships potatoes to more than 20 countries worldwide.

  1. Clams: Prince Edward Island’s cuisine is heavily focused on kinds of seafood. Clams are among the most popular eatables produced in the island. In order to have a taste of clams in Canada’s garden of the gulf, one doesn’t even need to dine in fancy restaurants. The eateries located on the seaside are places good as any to grab a bite of clams in Prince Edward Island.
  2. Mussels: 80% of the mussels produced in Canada originate in Prince Edward Island. The rope cultured blue mussels of PEI are produced for all 12 months of the year. They are best enjoyed when they are steamed and there is melted butter on the side to act as the dipping.

Which one are you planning to try out first?