Tourism on Prince Edward Island: interesting facts

Prince Edward Island or PEI is a province of Canada with no land boundaries. It means that you see water all around the province making sure that you stay here long enough. We are not talking about rescuing you at all but it is the demography of the island which makes it one of the best places to visit. There are chances that if you get to the place for one night you might end up staying four. It is all because of the number of monuments and the hospitality of the locals. The indigenous always welcome the tourists with open arms. There are many interesting facts which are related to PEI and its tourism which also leads us to the fact that this place is spellbound attracting a large number of tourists. Continue reading “Tourism on Prince Edward Island: interesting facts”

PEI: Top 3 places to visit

Prince Edward Island is a Canadian province located in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. The island’s pastoral landscape is the reason it is often called the Garden province of Canada. The capital, Charlottetown, is the largest city located in this least populous province of the country. Charlottetown houses a population of merely 40,000 individuals. That doesn’t come as any surprise as Prince Edward Island itself is home to a small population of 147,390 people. Continue reading “PEI: Top 3 places to visit”